[Practitioner] – Sue Scott

Sue Scott (http://slscott.co.uk/gallery/4567486571) is a painter, who works in a graphical style shwoing buildings and landscapes, often around Manchester. These images have a stylised look, staying fairly true to reality while using more flat areas of colour, such as this image of the Northern Quarter:


These images are almost solely of Mancunian landscapes, and are sold on her website; at around £30 for a small (20X30cm) print. Scott’s main interest is the industrial heritage of Manchester. She works from the city, and has painted there since 2011.


[Practitioner] – Neil Roland

Neil Roland (http://www.neilroland.co.uk/) is a photographer, working out of a studio in Didsbury. He takes images of things that most people don’t notice, such as this image of “Not the Eiffel Tower”, which is actually a bridge in Castlefield rotated through 90 degrees:

He is most well known for his photo-montages, which focus on one object to the exclusion of the surroundings. These are often letters in signs, which are compiled into one image to form words, larger images or the alphabet. He has featured in galleries on every inhabited continent, and is also an author. He has worked all over the world, but most of his work focusses on his home city of Manchester.

[Practitioner] – Liam Spencer

Liam Spencer (http://www.liamspencer.co.uk/) is an oil painter, who started in a cheap flat overlooking the Mancunian Way. Starting with what he had, he painted the road at various times of the day, followed by pictures of other areas of Manchester, such as this image of Oxford Road:

Odeon and Oxford Street 2004

These paintings attracted attention, and he has now expanded out of Manchester to cover areas such as Istanbul, China and Cornwall. He now works from a studio in Lancashire, painting similar landscapes. Spencer paints predomiantly with oil on board, lending his images a less defined quality than other artists, which many find appealing.

[Practitioner] – James Chadderton

James Chadderton is a photographer and painter, who is well known for his realistic looking pictures of famous landmarks after an unspecified apocalypse, such as this one of the Mancunian Way:

Mancunian Way

He sells his prints online (http://jameschaddertonart.co.uk/), at £85 for a small print. The images were first shown in 2011, in the Incognito gallery in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and attracted media attention for the evocative nature fo the artwork. Originally, Chadderton made images of only Manchester, but has since expanded to destroying both London and New York in the name of art. He gave Blade Runner, 28 Days Later and the Terminator as his inspiration for his pictures, which are created by blending traditional painting with photography and computers, and stated that he had no idea in mind as to the nature of the apocalypse shown. He works as a 6th Form art tutor.