Practitioner: Eric Jordan

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Eric Jordan is a multidisciplinary media designer, primarily working for the company he started 2Advanced. He specializes in interactive websites, so naturally he designed one for 2Advanced as well as several other companies. He has worked for several high profile clients.


Jordan has been recognized by .Net Magazine as one of the “world’s top 20 international web designers”. In 1999, he co-founded 2Advanced, a collective of several like-minded artists; together and apart, they have worked with numerous high profile clients including Nintendo (the website for the Game Boy Micro), Space-X (the 2004 edition of their website) and Bacardi (another website).


The 2Advanced website is, naturally, a showcase of the talents of the members. It is interactive, in other words. The design of the website centres around a central window, where most of the action takes place, with the above and below sections reserved for information, copyright notices and menu bars and the like. There are animations running all the time, to make the page more interesting. They appear to have gone with a tropical, underwater theme here, what with the bottles and sharks and so forth, although I have found images of a past incarnation where they were apparently using a futuristic city theme.

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The visual cues on the website are numerous, and generally involve making page transitions more interesting. They have bubbles containing content rising from the bottom, messages in bottles and other floating objects, to make the experience of browsing their website more interesting and memorable. The loading screen is 3D animated, high speed to make the impression that things are being worked on as fast as possible. I can’t find any auditory cues, but this is understandable. Amongst other things, websites that make noise are outdated and annoying.


The clients of both 2Advanced and Eric Jordan are numerous. Most of their work, for companies like Bacardi, Adobe, Motorola and Lexus, is creating websites for companies. The websites are generally of a similar interactive bent to the main site, again to make the time browsing them that much more memorable to the consumer, and to hold their attention for longer. Unfortunately, 2Advanced don’t appear to have updated their site in four years, and I can’t find any evidence of their work since the end of 2012. Eric Johnson has his own website, and he is still working, with work listed as recently as the beginning of 2016.

Eric Jordan’s website:

2Advanced website:


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